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Our Plan//

The Miramar will be a new landmark for Downtown Santa Monica. The 4.5-acre site will be transformed, preserving its historic aspects, including the beloved Moreton Bay Fig Tree, while creating a vibrant new site plan. The plan reduces the footprint of the buildings to less than 50% of the property, creating new open space and a public plaza.

Following direction from the public, the Planning Commission and the City Council, we designed a taller building with an east-west orientation. The new Ocean Building will sit majestically at the center of the site, balancing the tall neighboring buildings to the immediate north and south while stepping down on the eastern end to respond to the scale of the Huntley Hotel. The plan minimizes view impacts from neighboring buildings to the east and puts the scale of the proposed project in context with the nearby hotel, condominium and office buildings. The plan will be significantly less dense than the surrounding buildings.

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Latest News//

How are Traffic and Transportation Improving in the City of Santa Monica?

Reducing traffic congestion and providing public transit are key elements in developing a sustainable future for Santa Monica. A recent survey on the millennial generation shows that 86% believe it is important for a City to offer opportunities to live and work without a car. Most residents of Santa Monica would agree! Here are...

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Latest Development News in Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a community that has always encouraged robust debate on issues of the day. Yet, in order to make smart decisions, it is essential that the debate be premised upon facts. Well, the facts are in, and we have some good news to share! According to the latest statistics presented on January...

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